Tan Plain Back History

Tan Cloth – Plain Molded Plastic Back (1989 - 2002)

 Plain molded backs are labeled plain molded backs because of the look of the plastic on the back of the emblem. Once the cloth was embroidered with multiple emblems the worker simply turned the cloth square of badges upside down placed a sheet of plastic over the back and put them on the conveyor of the mini oven, figure A, and waited for the cloth square to drop onto a table. As the cloth passed through the oven the plastic sheet melted and adhered to be back of the cloth. The soften plastic conforms to the embroidery giving it a molded look and feel. The individual interpreter strips are then die cut out of the cloth sheet.

 Molded plastic back interpreter strips are found with and without gauze reinforcing under the molded plastic and with and without pellon fusible interfacing under the molded plastic. During interviews with a embroiders it became apparent that the application of gauze was not consistent.