Patrol Medallion Oddites

The patrol medallions presented below are oddities. The two four and one half inch long ribbons are color combinations NOT listed in the Handbook For Boys or Equipment Catalogs. These two are constructed just like the other U.S. ribbons. British ribbons have a full sewn seam across the top and a safety pin for attachment onto the uniform.
The Indian Chief Felt was approved in 1919 and used from 1920 until 1926. THe construction is felt on felt. it is 50mm x 60mm. See the letter below.
The fox medallion is red satine with black silk embroidery. This construction is consistent with badges produced in the 1930s. The fox emblem was removed from a 1930s uniform.
The panther is red twill with black cotton embroidery with a white lockstitch. It is suspected this medallion got through the manufacturing process without the white glue or plastic backing being applied. This badge could have been produced anytime during the 1953 to 1972 period. Other titles without the backing most likely exist, as there are many examples in other scout badge categories where all or some part of the backing was not applied and the badge slipped through quality control and was sent to national supply and distributed.
Colors: Navy and Red
Length: 4 1/2 inch
Fabric: White Felt
Design: Black Felt
Fabric: White Felt
Design: None

FOX Front
Fabric: Satine
Embroidery: Silk
FOX Back
Fabric: Satine
Embroidery: Silk

Fabric: Red twill
Embroidery: Cotton
Lockstitch: White
Back: Gauze reinforced starched